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So Where Did It All Begin?

Lets call it a professional curiosity- I have always been driven for more, to learn more, do more, achieve more. I work in the fitness industry, my career has been built through goal setting and professional development. From 3 months, 1 year to 5 years, I have always worked towards a goal to keep me engaged and moving forwards. Professional development comes in many forms but the most common is to learn to teach new classes. It was only a matter of time that I was going to eventually stumble in to Pilates and Yoga classes but when I did, was when everything changed.

I was hooked from the beginning, that feeling of calm, relaxed and stretched out from the class was addictive. I wanted it and wanted to share it with others. You’ll find with those working in the health and fitness industry we all have one thing in common, a want to help others feel good!

From a positive experience and relationship to wanting to give that to others is a common theme.

From continuing to practice, to learning to teach, to teaching classes, I started to realise I had found something I had been missing. I had stumbled on what I feel to be my calling, what I am meant to be doing. With that passion comes the desire to want to improve and learn, to continue to be better and deliver more, which is when I started Walking Tall Pilates, the next chapter and challenge.

Building a business brings the challenge to another level, without realising you become an

accountant, a marketer, a decision maker and everything else in between. All I really want is to build a community to help others- I’m lucky to have that, and more!

My journey to Pilates and Yoga has been more than a professional curiosity though, they have helped me with injury recovery, injury prevention, balance and posture improvement, and grounding when it can all get a bit much. One of my other great passions is running and the outdoors, climbing hills and mountains. The side effect of those comes with tight hips and leg muscles and a stiff upper body, Pilates and Yoga help lengthen and strengthen the body and have played a big role in my recovery- its these benefits that brought the name, Walking Tall.

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